5th Element Management

Who are we?

We are an interdisciplinary team that ensures to plan viable places. Sustainable development is at the heart of all our projects in order to provide a pleasant present and a better future. The team consists of a landscape, an architect/designer, a sociologist, a geographer, an urban planner, expert in LEED construction and other fields. Their education and expertise are focused on sustainable community development. The team is motivated by a shared commitment to sustainability and a common vision, we have come together to develop the 5th element concept. Each pilot area not only includes residential buildings but also elements which make a holistic community.



Basic elements govern our life, Air, Fire, Earth and Water, otherwise no life on earth is possible.
The 5th Element essentially depends on them. We will create an environment where it is good to live, in harmony with our Mother Earth!

One day in a sustainable community.

My vision of a day in an autonomous and sustainable community looks like this: Every human being must have the right to a healthy diet and a decent place to live, that in my humble opinion is a fundamental right of life. Living in a stress-free and enjoyable environment, is necessary for a good mental and physical health. So imagine now: day to day interaction with everyone of all generations, such as taking coffee quietly with a grandfather who has so many stories to tell. Then spending some time gardening in the community garden that is created after the principles of permaculture. Afterwards going to your office space that offers a healthy environment and supports working more efficiently, in less time than it would take with natural daylight, fresh air and indoor plants to make you feel awake, focused and refreshed. Helping in your community while contemplating the fabulous spectacle of Mother Nature and our children who often make us see another way of living in harmony. Maybe grandmother is already awaiting her grand- children returning from school with a good homemade snack made that morning, while Mom and Dad are working, helping or having fun a couple of steps away from them in their community! Everything for daily life will be within walking distance available. Waking up in the morning and going to the local farmers market in the village where everything is made with family recipes, by someone we know and we know what ingredients are used, because they are cultivated here by myself and my neighbors. A place where resources and profits are reinvested directly into the community, holistic and healthy. The beauty would be to join forces together to contribute to the well-being of the people with whom we share our days, our years, our lives!

My dream.

Our Team.

Our team is made up of wonderful people who like us believe in the vision of 5th Element

Stéphane Théorêt


Building a sustainable future!

Stéphane has a pretty complete professional and personal journey. He has expanded his professional career by starting as an electronics technician. He moved to Alberta in February of 2015 with his family to start a project he has been holding close to his heart since always. It is of creating and building completely autonomous communities, respectful of the environment and call them ‘’Eco-Quarters’’.

Sylvie-Anne Roy

CEO & Marketing


From an Acadian family down East in New Brunswick. To me life on the farm was ‘’LIFE’’ ! Growing our own food, taking care of the animals, working the fields, fishing… This was the life I wanted forever. I realized even more how precious life and the environnement are. That our children need to learn and go back to basics. I am here to educate and teach that we don’t need as much as we think we do and be able to give back what the earth, the sun, the rain, wind and even the moon has given me in my life!

Hanène Laouar

City Planner

“Cities must change and I want to be involved in these changes.”

At the end of her academic and professional career in several countries, Hanene LAOUAR has developed her expertise in both the fields of spatial and urban planning with technical and functional design by putting sustainable development at the heart of her projects. Her main areas of interventions are: Planning urban areas with an environmental, social and economic approach. Rehabilitation of existing neighborhoods. Integration of vegetation to urban areas. Sustainable mobility Diagnosis of urban areas and providing solutions.

Mariam Djalili

Sustainable Design Specialist

“Our build environment shapes our everyday life and has a big impact on our well being and our community – Let’s build a better world for us and future generations!”

Moved to Canada and has experience in residential building design and a degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria. As a certified Passive house planer (one of the world’s leading standard in energy efficiency) her focus is on sustainable design that optimizes the use of our natural resources, uses available energy resources on site and improves our indoor living experience.

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